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The Stories We Tell Ourselves vs. The Reality

In the highest planes of thought, there is only pure love, kindness, mercy, understanding, patience, generosity, and abundance. There is only Love and Light.


It is each human's mission to return themself from living in conflicts, fear and darkness, to living in the perfect imagery of Love, Glory and Clear Light.

In the division of consciousness from the Original Being, we learnt to believe that we are no longer connected to our Source Self, that we are individualized to the point of having to depend on our small human self only to survive, to make sense out of everything, and that the lower planes of thoughts such as depression, fear, and anger are part of life.


The truth is, we do have the option to choose light in our entire journey as a human existence. By choosing the lower planes of thoughts will not free us from the lower energy patterns that create continuous sufferings and pain for ourselves in an illusory trap.

It is only a mistake in belief and perception. We, as children of pure light, never have really disconnected from our Source Consciousness and Love, only have blocked our recipient of the Higher Guidance with the beliefs in our mind. We, as children from One Source of Consciousness, have always been loved by the greatest love of all. 

The World We Know is Made with Energy

In the beginning, there was light, the world we experience at the quantum level is made of pure energy, and the power of creation is light, and light is love. Love is abundance.

Love and abundance are the the essence of our being, and is the sustaining substance of all Creation that continues to support the Free Expansion of Consciousness and our Creativity as Divine beings.


Therefore, dear ones, the only way we can disconnect from that Love and Abundance, and our Source Power is by believing that we are.

By clearing up our doubts, denials, and false sense of identity and wrong perceptions, we are helping ourselves to wake up experientially to the Oneness within.

In this process of awakening, and the opening of our hearts and minds, the Love of Life is only going to flow to us the verification of this higher understanding, in the forms of more experiences of abundance, love and light into our lives. 

May this path of Surrender and Awakening bless you with all the things you need in life, and most importantly, give you peace, health, and serenity within!

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