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Resurrection Hypnosis®

A Path to Fully Awaken as Your Enlightened Self

Available Online Worldwide

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Fully Awaken as Your
Enlightened Self

An Intuitive Approach

Resurrection Hypnosis ® understands you through in-depth conversations, and provides customized improvement plans specific for your needs and preferences for holistic healing, also to boost energy, raise vibrations, increase abundance and joy,  yield manifestations, and assist with spiritual awakenings.

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Quantum Healing

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Birthday Presents

Past Lives Insights

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Consciousness Activations


Spiritual Wisdoms

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Guided Meditations

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Spiritual Life Coaching

The Rebirthing Process



Discover Root Causes for Issues or Blockages in the Subconscious & Get Clarity in Your Higher Self

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Reconstruct Negative Subconscious Beliefs to Positive Beliefs, Design Better Functioning Neural Networks

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Cleanse Lower Energy Patterns and Balance Your Emotions, Your Mind, and Your Body

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Higher Self

Meet Your Higher Self in Hypnosis and Receive Divine Guidance, and Merge Consciousness with Your Enlightened Self

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Enhance Positive Affirmations and Manifest in High Vibrations what You Truly need to be Happy and Well

During our Assessment Call, we will examine your presenting problems, blockages, and opportunities for Purification, Improvement, and Ascension. We will create a customized plan of support for you to improve in spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical spaces for your life, and talk about how you may overcome any spiritual limitations and finally emerge as One with your Higher Self, and flourish in every way of your life.

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Benefits of Resurrection Hypnosis

Bridging emotional, physical, mental and spiritual spaces

Recover naturally from any mental, physical, emotional problems by resolving root causes in your Subconscious in guided hypnosis and by working with your Higher Self.

Emerging insights from the past, the present, and the future

By exploring the past subconscious programmings, deep rooted negative emotions are able to be expressed, understood, and freed, therefore freeing your current self in your life today. By merging with your future self's consciousness and energy in guided meditation, will enable your entire being to move into the direction of your future ideal self with better clarity and momentum.

Deep Healing and Learning of Spiritual Lessons

Each piece we uncover and harmonize in your subconscious memory provides an opportunity for you to gain 100% clarity on the lessons to be learnt and to correct its energy impact on your mind, emotions and body. You are growing more conscious and aware and will know more and more who you are not, therefore come even closer to who You Truly Are as a Being of Light and Love.

Accelerated Spiritual Awakening

No matter which religious pathways, or spiritual pathways you're walking on, even if you think of yourself as an "atheist", you can be guided into deeper spiritual awakenings that are beyond beliefs, and experience and live as your True Self - a Vast Being of Light, Love, Wisdom and Power, more and more strongly and completely. The awakenings will shift your perspectives on life and even on your spiritual pathway to be more in line with the Truth of Love and Power.

Clarify and Live Your Life's Purposes

Know your purposes by contacting your Higher Self in guided meditations, remove all the road blocks in your mindset and vibrations on the path to fulfill your Highest Potential. Be empowered, and supported on living your life's purposes with joy and ease.

Grow Power Over Manifestations

By letting go of the lower energy patterns, and the negative emotional imprints in your subconscious, you will experience more joy and love within you, and can have significant increase in your vibrations. The more you are emanating joy and love, you will manifest things and events and feelings of more joy and love and satisfaction into your life. Also by understanding more and more your true self, you will also be tapping into the Power of Manifestation in your mind, and become a better steward at your Conscious Reality.

Merge Your Consciousness With Your Highest Self

Ultimately, if you will, even reach Spiritual Resurrection and Ascension through emergence and embodiment with your Highest Self, therefore living as a truly spiritually awakened being on the earth. This means you will experience an awakened state of consciousness, fully be at peace within, undisturbed in the mind, and joyfully creating the realities of your highest dreams with the Power within.

Divine Wisdom for Life

You'll begin seeing your life from a transformative spiritual perspective, and walk forward through any challenges with confidence and faith. Your intuition will open more and more, to receive direct guidance and wisdom from your Highest Self, therefore move through life with more grace, confidence, ease, and openness.

Ascension Master Light Healer

Dear one, I invite you to join me on this journey of connecting with your inner being deeper, and meeting with the quiet confidence and peace within, therefore arrive at a bliss that no one, and nothing can take away from you. I've put together these evolutionary programs using the best from my own journey of spiritual evolution, and all the insights, knowledge, experiences, teachings from ancient and modern masters, and my unique intuitive abilities to channel light and wisdom from the higher spheres. I wish to offer this as a gift of light to you to assist you in a graceful journey of waking up to your fullest potential and happiness.

Many blessings!  


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Purple Rocks and Flowers

The Mission

To awaken all people to their Highest Form of Existence,
through guided meditation experiences and subconscious re-harmonizing,

 to help everyone live a truly fulfilling, empowered, healthy, and happy life.

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Unprecedented Results & Transformative Boldness

Feedback From Therapists and Light Workers

Natasia facilitated a connection between my soul life and my human life, my soul, my physical body, and my psyche, aligning past, present and future.

I am grateful for what I learned with Natasia, and having had many experiences seeking to solve my “voice” problem I can say Natasia released it not just for me, but for all those around me who will benefit from a different level of “me showing up” in the future.

I felt enveloped in love and caring during my session with Natasia, I enjoyed "birds weaving a nest" in my womb, I spent time existing as my essence while my body told me it was in suspension.

With Natasia under hypnosis, I touched the moment I trapped my voice inside my body. The moment I chose to not tell my truth for fear of grown-up reactions or for fear of punishment for the perpetrator. My voice was released, and since then I have noticed I can say yes, no, or maybe with intention.

Thank you, Natasia for helping me restore my confidence, building my self-esteem, and removing my blocks.

I would recommend Natasia to anyone because of her kindness, deep compassionate intuition and understanding of many issues.

Her technique is special in the way that she incorporates spirituality... She is truly gifted in finding the root cause of issues and can really help navigate you in determining how to heal past hurts that are causing issues that are showing up in your everyday life. 

One significant difference between my experience with Natasia and other times I have sought help, is after I received insights to my behaviors, I had no shame or guilt for myself or others. Forgiveness of myself and others became my new baseline.

The love and caring (energy) allowed me to touch deep spots in my body/mind/spirit which I have not touched despite years of psychoanalysis and psychotherapy.

What an incredible therapist Natasia is!

Natasia masterfully led me down the memory lane of healing and self discovery even all the way back into past lives... she used several very potent strategies. I’m blown away!

I felt safe and nurtured during my session with Natasia. I feel blessed that I found Natasia! It has been a true blessing to be able to release the old baggage that I didn’t even know I was carrying around with me. I feel lighter daily...

Thank you again for your expertise and nurturing energy, dear Natasia... Thank you for helping me transform my life!

Thank you Natasia, I am so looking forward to future work together. A last note, Thank you Nataisa, for all the work you have done to make such an amazing experience possible.

I learned the importance of my voice, not as a way of appeasing others in the moment but as a way of facilitating growth for all. I feel like I understand my role for myself and for others in a completely different way, it is not my role to facilitate happiness in others, it is simply my role to walk a path where they and I get to grown into our whole selves, which may include feelings of being thwarted which leads to feeling of overcoming or surrendering to limitations.

Creative Journey of the Expression of Self

We started with guided meditation; maybe it was Natasia’s powerful energy through zoom, or her calming presence; I was brought to a peaceful space without knowing. The Hypnotherapy part was especially interesting. My experience has nothing much about “falling asleep,” but it was a collaborative effort to explore my past. By asking three questions, Natasia helped me reconstruct three crucial moments in my life based on my memories, moments that I didn’t even know I had at the back of my mind... 

Throughout the entire journey, a ray of light was with me; it kept me company and warm; a new, invisible yet intimate power was following me and guarding me all the way to a 4-year-old self. By the end of the journey, my face was washed with tears, happy tears. By the end of the journey, my face was washed with tears, happy tears. The question that I had in mind at the beginning wasn’t answered; instead, it no longer existed. It was one of the most memorable self-discovery journeys I’ve ever done. I slept like a baby the same night, and all the mental blocks vanished; nothing was holding me from going deep into sleep. 

it was like an out-of-body experience, and I feel the light is still with me today. A few weeks after our session, my artwork was selected for another group show. I believe this is from the long-lasting energy that I obtained from Natasia. Thank you Natasia; please never stop doing therapy!

Zee, Canada,  Creative Artist
Feb 16, 2023

Many Blessings!


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See you in the Light!

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